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Learning Algorithmic Game Theory

September 17th, 2019

This post is a bit off topic from my usual stuff. While my career is tech focused, my first love was Economics. I received my bachelors in it in 2011. While I knew I didn't want to spend a career in that kind of role, I still love the field. I especially loved the idea of behavioral Economics and Game Theory.

Game Theory is the mathematical study of strategic interactions between rational decision makers. Algorithmic Game Theory is the crossover into Computer Science. Now that I have more time to research cool stuff and write about it, I wanted to start documenting what I am learning.


To maintain a sense of structure, I am going to be following "Twenty Lectures on Algorithmic Game Theory" by Tim Roughgarden. All the lectures have also been uploaded to YouTube.

For each lecture, I am going to try to follow up with any sources I can find online. I will do a write up of what I learned for each lecture along with the extra research.


I thought it would be good to state a goal at the onset of this, but I admit I don't have a clear one in mind. Aside from learning, I am hoping to also write posts like this more. Less technical than my usual, and more of a sharing of thoughts. That's not to say I won't have technical posts on this topic. Since the topic includes technical aspects it makes sense to do so. But I will figure that out as I go.

Final Thoughts

As with all my posts, I appreciate feedback. As I mentioned above, this is not my typical writing style, so it may vary from post to post. With any luck, I can improve both my writing and Econ skills with this project.