Blog in Piranha CMS

Built With:

  • Piranha CMS running on dotnet core
  • Bootstrap 4.0 front end
  • Azure Web App for hosting

I created this site to act as a space to share my blog posts and projects.  It is based primarily off of the Piranha CMS blog template, with some features that I added that did not exist in the current version (as of this writing), such as RSS and custom content types. The front end is built out using Bootstrap, and the site is hosted as an Azure Web App, with the database hosted in Azure as well.

An additional feature that I built into the site was turning it into a Progressive Web App (PWA). It may be a bit overkill for a small personal site, but it seemed like a fun afternoon project, so I implemented it anyway. If you want to see it in action, you can click the install button below*.

Install as a PWA

*iOS is not as friendly to PWAs as Android devices (I wonder why 🤔). If the install button does not work, you may need to click share, then add to home screen.

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David Boland

I'm a Senior Software Developer at Nansen in Chicago, blogging mostly about Episerver and other cool dev stuff.  

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