PicWords was an iPad application developed for individuals with disabilities. My cousin and I worked on this together for our cousin who's disability impaires his ability to communicate. There are simlar other tools on the market called Picture Exchange Communication Systems (PECS). However, most of them are either very expensive, or only provide a limited number of pictures.

Our application allowed users to leverage the iPad camera and microphone to set customized pictures and audio.  Users can then communicate needs by selecting the presented items.

While the app had moderate success in the App Store, my cousin and I really enjoyed this project. Not only was it our first venture in iOS applications, being able to provide our cousin with a useful tool was very fulfilling. 

While it is no longer available in the App Store, we hope to be able to provide updates when we have more free time.


Picwords in use

Picwords settings page 

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David Boland

I'm a Senior Software Developer at Nansen in Chicago, blogging mostly about Episerver and other cool dev stuff.  

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