A Little Bit About Me


In my day job, I have been working in downtown Chicago on the architecture and development of .NET systems for over 6 years. Currently, I am at Nansen building sites primarily with Episerver and Contentful. I have lived in the Chicagoland area my entire life and went to school at Purdue University for my undergraduate (Economics) and graduate (CS) degrees.

I have certifications in both Episerver CMS and Contentful. This year I was also awarded the title of Episerver MVP. Here is my resume. You can also read a bit more about my history with Episerver and Contentul.


In my free time, I enjoy exploring new technologies, especially those related to web and mobile. My current interests are mainly in learning more Nodejs, UX, and working on revising some iOS apps I started early on in my development life that you can check out on the Projects page.

All the projects I will be blogging about will be available on my GitHub. Feel free to create a pull request or message me with suggestions. I am always looking for interesting projects and people to collaborate with.

Personal Life

riley photo
My Pup Riley

Outside of technology, I like to spend free time with friends, family, and my pup Riley (AKA Rye-bread, Rye-guy, Buddy Boy). When all else fails, I can always go for a good binge-watch of The Office... Or Parks & Rec... or The Office.

I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel to interesting places and do some cool things. While this blog is focused mostly on tech, I might throw one or two in there about places I have been or things I have done outside of development & tech. Most recently I have been trying to revisit my Economics studies, and started blogging about what I am learning.


A lot of the content on this site is informed based on things I have learned in the industry. While I may reference my company, partners, or collaborators, all opinions are my own. I mention at the end of each post that I encourage people to reach out if they have any questions or comments about my work. I encourage you to do the same.

If you come across anything that is claimed to be content of mine, thats not on this site, I have a page where I list all documents that I share online. It contains digital signature files to verify their source.

Feel free to contact me via any of my listed social networks. Here you can find my PGP key if so desired.